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  6 Kitchen Trends Going Out of Style by  Rene Hills  12/10/2021 No trend can remain popular forever. Regarding interior design, this is especially true in kitchens. If you've designed your kitchen based on popular trends—or are looking for inspiration for fresh changes—here are some trends gradually going out of style: Tile Countertops Tile countertops have been a popular trend for a long time. However, one major disadvantage is they require constant maintenance because of grout stains and chip damage. If you have tile countertops, consider replacing them with a more updated and easy-to-maintain material such as concrete or butcher block. Shiny Brass Metallic finishes are great in moderation. However, shiny brass accents can make a kitchen seem dated. Search for cabinet hardware like knobs, handles and drawer pulls. If you want to replace them while still keeping a metallic finish, go for brushed nickel or stainless steel. Over-Range Microwaves A common way to save space in smalle

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